Job Demand and Openings
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Demand and Openings in HK

Date scientists and analysts have been regarded as the 10 most in-demand tech jobs in Hong Kong by HK Business in 2017, and data-related professionals continue to be listed as Hong Kong’s most in-demand tech jobs for 2020 by MichaelPage.

The high demand for data-related professionals can be reflected by the job openings in the industry through some famous job recruiting web pages in Hong Kong, such as JobsDB and CT goodjobs. Examples sorted by suggested keywords are shown below:

Global Demand and Openings

Globally, data engineers and scientists are also in high demand. According to the DICE 2020 Tech Job Report, data engineers and data scientists in the US are occupations with significant year-over-year growth, by 50% and 32% respectively. Data management analyst, data science specialist and data architect are roles rising steadily as listed in the Jobs on the Rise in 2021 in the US report by LinkedIn.
Data-related professionals are in high demand worldwide. Renowned companies including Amazon, Apple Inc., and Google are always looking for data-related professionals, as shown in and LinkedIn. Examples sorted by suggested keywords are demonstrated again below: