What is Data Science and EngineeringWhat is Data Science and Engineering

Before we try to make clear the differences between the two most prominent professions within data science – data scientists and data engineers – let’s learn about how data is used in industries and why it is important for us to work with data in a world where technology keeps changing. To meet market expectations when making product or service, companies need information to understand the current market, their competitors as well as target users. This useful information is stored as data that is scattered across the internet and both data engineers and data scientists play a vital role in this complex data process.

What is Data Science & Engineering?

We have broken it down into a few key terms below.

Why Data Science and Engineering?

How is a background in engineering helpful to the data science industry? Well, data scientists have an in-depth understanding about different data systems and their ability to code helps enhance the productivity and quality of the algorithm code. They also have prior experiences in data cleaning and detecting outliers within the datasets, thus generating more accurate and effective decisions. Possessing multiple skills from data extractions to developing insights and software engineering, data scientists who has a background in engineering are more advantageous career-wise.
Vice versa, having the skills of data science allows engineers to process large amount of data after collecting them. For instance, Civil Engineers can monitor the infrastructure conditions above and below the ground through data mining, sensing, and analysing. Chemical Engineers can be benefitted from possessing data science techniques to navigate through large datasets.
To date, data scientists are falling short. Yet, many sectors have turned to data specialists to help with extracting useful information from a tsunami of data and then using machine learning to analyse data that helps inform business decisions and product design. As a result, bridging the knowledge gap between data science and engineering is especially crucial in response to such shortage in talent. Engineers who are trained in data analytics are at an advantage in discovering more job opportunities and breakthroughs.

Career Prospects

Working with data is currently a highly wanted profession in many different industries such as finance, consulting, marketing, telecommunications, medical and many more. According to the Salary Explorer in 2022, data scientists in Hong Kong has a monthly salary of HKD27,300 to HKD91,800, with an average monthly salary of HKD58,100. It is predicted that there is a steady and optimistic salary increase for experienced data scientists. Another study by LinkedIn found that statistical analysis and data mining was ranked the second most sought after skills by various employers, highlighting the huge potential for data professionals in today’s work force.